Why Dry Powder Products Are Better For Pet Stain Removal

Use Dog And Cat Diapers To Keep Carpet Clean

Dogs, like other animals, use their urine to communicate, to mark the territory in which they live. As much as you love your dog, so much the smell of his urine can get you out of your mind. It has an unmistakable smell, strong and very difficult to remove. Some dog owners use all kinds of improvisations to clean the urine stains and eliminate its odor (e.g. vinegar or common chemicals) that do not solve the problem and sometimes even damage the surfaces on which they are applied. Besides, the smell of dog urine will never be removed completely by these products.

If your dog urinated in the house, you should stop using cleaning solutions you have around the house. Choose instead specifically formulated dry powder products for permanent removal of urine.

Regular cleaning solutions will only dilute and spread the dog urine, regardless the way they are applied (spray, steam cleaning etc.). You will never be able to blot all the wet urine mess, even if, when the area dries, it will look clean and even smell nicely, if you used a scented detergent. However, as soon as the area is exposed to humidity again, the bad smell will return, stronger than ever, because urine compounds are still there, deep in the pores of the textile material or surface the dog urinated on.

And the fact that the smell of dog urine can put you in embarrassing situations if you have guests is not even the worst scenario! Breathing in dog urine fumes means breathing in a significant amount of ammonia, which is a lung irritant and it may cause severe symptoms in people suffering from asthma or allergies: nausea, headaches and burning eyes, nose, or throat. The contact with dog urine must also be avoided, as it contains pathogens that could cause health problems, especially in people with a weak immune system. Even if serious health issues resulting from direct contact with dog urine are rare, precautions must be taken.

To avoid all the problems mentioned above, as well as to clean a urine stain completely, you should use dry powder products. They are better than other products for pet stain removal because they contain enzymes that break up the stain and feed on it until nothing is left. They are particularly great for fresh urine stains because you will not have to worry about bloating the area as best as you can and avoid contact with the urine stain at the same time. All you have to do is spread dry powder on the stain, allow it to react and absorb the liquid and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the solid residue.

Dry powder products can be also used on dry stains even for cat urine; as you well know that cat diapers can do the trick, but they don’t always work well. You will have to mix them with warm water, according to the manufacturer`s indications and then use a spray bottle to mist the area (you do not have to saturate it!). Allow it to react and, in the end, make sure you dry the area completely to prevent the apparition of mold or rot.