Why You Should Let the Experts Implement Your SharePoint Intranet

Communication, sharing and content creation should not be a difficult task in your company. Whether you have 2 or 20 employees – or even 200, for that matter – it’s very important to make sure everyone can share relevant documents securely and quickly, while maximizing their productivity and minimizing costs and efforts.

That is precisely what a SharePoint intranet is for. Designed as a rich and powerful solution for communication, project management, content creation and employee management, SharePoint can literally become the glue that keeps your company together; so long as it is implemented correctly.

SharePoint intranet service provider

Understanding the Benefits and Uses of SharePoint

Since SharePoint is a Microsoft product, it’s important to understand its comprehensive set of applications and services before considering whether or not it can help your company grow. In most cases, just about any company – no matter how small or large – can have a lot to gain by using a SharePoint intranet service provider.

First of all, SharePoint is a cloud based service provided by Microsoft as part of Microsoft 365. As a result, it can easily be integrated with your Office documents and used as an easy to install service hosted by Microsoft’s own service, rather than a complex installation that would require its own dedicated server.

Documents, websites and all types of helpful and relevant content can be created, managed, stored and shared through your SharePoint intranet. Your organization can even deploy your own Microsoft SharePoint server at short notice using nothing but your Office 365 Enterprise subscription, and you will gain all the relevant features and benefits that you’ll need. These will include, advanced search, modern lists and libraries, and full integration with PowerApps and MS Flow.

Additional benefits include the SharePoint Designer app, which is a free bonus made available since 2013 that can help you build impressive workflow-enabled solutions for your business, as well as easily edit externally provided content. You can also use advanced cloud storage solutions such as OneDrive, which is Microsoft’s most advanced application designed for that purpose. 

What Goes Into a SharePoint Intranet Installation

SharePoint is far more than a simple app that you can install and offer access to through your office network. Depending on your network architecture, how many employees will need access to it, what applications you will require and what devices you will want to connect, a secure connection to the SharePoint intranet can be difficult to obtain.

By hiring Microsoft SharePoint consulting services, you can gain quick access to the intranet and effectively diminish the learning curve. Your employees will have easy access to SharePoint and all the necessary tools, apps and services that your business requires, and aside from the aforementioned benefits, you will also get business-specific services and tools such as employee performance management, employee tracking, project management and collaboration tools, a centralized knowledge base and repository for news and documents, and AI-powered content personalization.

Tracking and improving your content, communication and employee activities has never been easier. Contact local SharePoint intranet service provider experts today, and find out just how quick and easy the installation and secure integration  of your fully functional SharePoint intranet can really be.