Mexican Candy Available in Wholesale Markets

If you are looking for Mexican candy Denver, Colorado wholesale suppliers, it is important to know about the different types of wholesalers out there, because this will help you make the right choice. Making this difference is not easy, especially if you are inexperienced, because wholesalers identify themselves in various ways: manufacturers, dealers, merchants, distributors etc.

Here are the most common types of wholesale suppliers.

  • General wholesale suppliers

This type of wholesalers buys large quantities of various merchandises belonging to different categories and industries and resell them, in smaller quantities, to retailers and distributors, with an added value.

  • Specialty wholesalers

If general wholesale suppliers can typically provide distributors and retailers various products, specialty wholesale suppliers provide merchandise belonging to a particular industry or category, even if it comes from different suppliers. Being specialized constitute an advantage; specialty wholesalers tend to have the best knowledge about the products and their prices.

  • Specific product wholesalers

These wholesale suppliers are even more specialized than specialty suppliers because they sell only one type of products belonging to several brands, from one category (for example, computers). Specific product wholesalers often partner with manufacturers who are looking to distribute their products.

  • Merchant wholesalers

If you manage to sign a good agreement with a merchant wholesaler,  you will pay the best price for the products that you need and benefit from the best profit margins. This type of suppliers produces goods and vices that are sold to distributors, retailers and other wholesale suppliers.

  • Discount wholesalers

These wholesale suppliers typically sell returned or refurbished products, as well as products from discontinued lines and, consequently, they are able to offer significant discounts to their clients.

  • On-line wholesalers

These providers also offer pretty big discounts because they can reduce the rent and the rates of different premises.

  • Drop-shippers

The main characteristic of these wholesalers is that they get orders from customers and pass them to producers. It is the producer who ships the products, so drop-shippers do not handle the products in any way. Consequently, there are no costs for handling, stocking or delivering the products, therefore, operating costs are minimum.

Which are the main benefits provided by Colorado wholesale suppliers?

Considering the many types of wholesalers, specific benefits may vary, but typically we can talk about the following:

  • Saving money and making profit

Wholesale marketing helps retailers buying in bulk for discounted prices, directly from the manufacturer, which will help them make a profit.

  • Promoting

Many wholesalers also offer promoting services of certain products that they sell to retailers; some of these services may be free, while others carry a certain price. The displayed advertising material is most often furnished by manufacturers, having the purpose to keep retailers informed.

  • Reducing inventory investment

Wholesalers make frequent deliveries, they are typically prompt, which means that retailers benefit from an indirect financial aid, by keeping inventory investment to the minimum.

  • Receiving help beyond the regular operating assistance

Many wholesalers also help their customers on financing, real estate, insurance and personnel etc.