Get Only the Best Spiral Cut Ham for Your Money

Even though there are a lot of different products out there nowadays, spiral cut hams still offer the best flavor on the market. Fully cooked, prepared according to legendary special recipes, and fully packaged and frozen for travel, these hams will taste delicious, giving you a glimpse at what true quality actually tastes like.

The History of the Spiral Cut Ham

The spiral cut ham was first thought of by Harry J. Hoenselaarand, and today it has become one of the most well-known delicacies in North America. It has been around for more than 40 years, and the tender, juicy texture and deliciously unique flavor have become characteristic of all specialty high end spiral cut hams. High Valley Farms has developed an extraordinary spiral cut ham for your family to enjoy for holidays or everyday entertaining.

High Valley Farm uses a wonderful hickory baked ham recipe that compliments the

taste of the ham wonderfully.  Most spiral cut hams are sliced a perfect spiral, and that method of preparation also proved to be extremely efficient when considering hams of different sizes and servings.

Because the ham is sliced right down to the bone, cutting out individual pieces is extremely practical and straightforward. You can then serve the pieces as they are, or re-heat them separately for just a few seconds in the microwave.

Why Should You Consider Ordering Spiral Cut Hams?

Another great thing about the best spiral cut ham  is that you can order it conveniently online. Even though some might believe that the delivery process could impair the taste and texture of these hams, the fact is they are packaged and sealed just right to ensure you will receive them in perfect condition.

As a result, ordering it online will not only give you the best solution for enjoying a delicious spiral cut ham wherever you are in the US, but it will also provide you with fresh ham that you can serve as soon as it’s fully thawed, or freeze it and serve it at a later date. When planning larger parties or events, this is the perfect solution for wowing your guests and making sure your ham arrives on time, without the need to hire a catering service.

Why Is a Spiral Cut Ham the Best?

Despite talking about all of the above mentioned advantages, we still haven’t told you why spiral cut ham products are actually the best on the market. The reason has to do with the unique preparation process that focuses more on the quality of the taste, rather than on just sending out a product people can heat and serve as it is.

The best spiral cut ham is not injected with water, like many other hams out there. Instead, to help maintain their original taste, flavor and texture, superior companies freeze their hams and recommend that they be served either at room temperature or, as mentioned, by preparing small portions that are then to be heated. This approach, along with the spiral shape, allows you to fully enjoy the ham exactly as it was initially prepared.