How You Can Use Your Portable Outdoor Speakers to Have Fun on Camping Trips

When it comes to going on a camping trip, you can always have a lot of fun by bringing along your favorite outdoor speakers. Designed to be portable, easy to use, fashionable and sometimes even waterproof, wireless speakers can be your best companion on even the longest and most difficult camping journeys. They will play music, help you make calls and keep you in high spirits without needing much in terms of energy or setup.


Taking Your Speakers with You


As you go on a camping trip, there are a few important things you need to consider whenever you bring electronics around. The following are some of the main ones:


  1. Are they small and portable enough?
  2. Will they be light enough to be easily transported across longer distances?
  3. Will they need a lot of energy?
  4. Do they require a complicated setup?
  5. How likely are they to be damaged by the elements, especially in a camping setting?


When you ask all of these questions about most household electronics or those that require a regular extension cord to get power, you’ll usually have to give a negative answer to at least some of the questions above. However, unlike most electronics, good quality outdoor Bluetooth wireless speakers will fit the profile perfectly.


As you bring your speakers with you, they will fit easily just about anywhere, including your personal backpack. Once you get to the camping site, the speaker itself could be the first thing you set up, since it’s extremely easy to do it. You can even hang it on a tree or place it on some other surface and have it play your favorite songs from the moment you started setting up the camping site.


If you’re there with friends or family, your Bluetooth speakers can help you have a truly wonderful time and even enjoy a party or two. Their quality is excellent, and you’ll find that many of them also come with 5,000-10,000 mAh+ batteries that can last a very long time. If you also packed a portable battery pack to serve as additional power, you can probably end up playing your music almost non-stop during a short camping trip, without wasting all the power.


Finding the Right Speakers


As mentioned, it’s good for your speaker to be easy to carry and light, and you might want to make sure that it has a cord for your backpack and a waterproof design in case it rains. The design should also be resilient. You never know when you might need to defend yourself against wild animals and your Bluetooth speakers could be caught in the middle; or they could just be dropped by somebody who isn’t too careful.


Regardless of the situation, finding the right speakers can be a difficult challenge, but you’ll definitely find enough products out there to pick and choose your deals. With a little patience and research you could find the absolutely most suitable wireless speaker or set of speakers available on the market.

How Much to Spend on Drums for Sale

If you look for drums for sale, you must first decide between the three options available on the market: electronic, acoustic and hybrid.

Launched for the first time in 1976, electronic drums offer more freedom of expression, allowing you to interpret a wide variety of sounds generated by different types of drums and other instruments. They also allow for the incorporation of pre-recorded segments in interpreted tracks, the addition of processing effects such as delays or reverberations. Last but not least, they also offer you the opportunity to play in any place and at any time using the headphones. So, if you plan to practice in an apartment or in any space surrounded by noise-sensitive neighbors, an electronic drum set is exactly what you need. This option is also lightweight and takes up less space than an acoustic drum set.

In these circumstances, what does the acoustic version offers you? Besides the direct way your body feels the vibrations generated by acoustic drums beat and the higher level of sound quality, if you are a beginner you must know that an acoustic drum set is the best for learning how to play. Besides,  the best drummers in the world perform on this type of percussion instruments. Acoustic drums are also more affordable than electronic ones, but they are really difficult to use if you do not have access to a space where you can play without having to worry about generating too much noise.

Hybrid variants are a combination of the two basic models presented above and offer the best of both versions. You can buy them as a set with all the necessary components, or if you already have some years of experience in playing drums, you can add the electrical components to the acoustic version that you already work with.

drums for sale

Drums for sale – how much will you pay for them?

Although the price depends on many factors, it is safe to say that a drum set is quite expensive, so it is natural to look for sales, when you want to buy one. The internet allows you to browse through shops and offers, which is efficient to compare results and find the best deal.

Typically, you can expect to pay $200 and more when looking for drums for sale. If you purchase from an online shop situated in another corner of the country or even of the world, you should also be ready to pay a large sum of money for shipping and import fees. This sum is typically higher than the cost of the instrument itself, so you should carefully analyze your options before placing an order.

If nothing listed “for sale” satisfies your preferences, you might want to consider buying a second hand drum set. Actually, most people advise you to look for a used instrument before hurrying to buy a new, all-inclusive set. Drum kits that are set-up and go include heads, shells, hardware, sticks and other things you need, but you may soon realize that they are of poor quality both sound and construction wise. If you opt for a second hand instrument and do some searching effort, you can get a kit that sounds better, is way more resistant and also cheaper.