How You Can Use Your Portable Outdoor Speakers to Have Fun on Camping Trips

When it comes to going on a camping trip, you can always have a lot of fun by bringing along your favorite outdoor speakers. Designed to be portable, easy to use, fashionable and sometimes even waterproof, wireless speakers can be your best companion on even the longest and most difficult camping journeys. They will play music, help you make calls and keep you in high spirits without needing much in terms of energy or setup.


Taking Your Speakers with You


As you go on a camping trip, there are a few important things you need to consider whenever you bring electronics around. The following are some of the main ones:


  1. Are they small and portable enough?
  2. Will they be light enough to be easily transported across longer distances?
  3. Will they need a lot of energy?
  4. Do they require a complicated setup?
  5. How likely are they to be damaged by the elements, especially in a camping setting?


When you ask all of these questions about most household electronics or those that require a regular extension cord to get power, you’ll usually have to give a negative answer to at least some of the questions above. However, unlike most electronics, good quality outdoor Bluetooth wireless speakers will fit the profile perfectly.


As you bring your speakers with you, they will fit easily just about anywhere, including your personal backpack. Once you get to the camping site, the speaker itself could be the first thing you set up, since it’s extremely easy to do it. You can even hang it on a tree or place it on some other surface and have it play your favorite songs from the moment you started setting up the camping site.


If you’re there with friends or family, your Bluetooth speakers can help you have a truly wonderful time and even enjoy a party or two. Their quality is excellent, and you’ll find that many of them also come with 5,000-10,000 mAh+ batteries that can last a very long time. If you also packed a portable battery pack to serve as additional power, you can probably end up playing your music almost non-stop during a short camping trip, without wasting all the power.


Finding the Right Speakers


As mentioned, it’s good for your speaker to be easy to carry and light, and you might want to make sure that it has a cord for your backpack and a waterproof design in case it rains. The design should also be resilient. You never know when you might need to defend yourself against wild animals and your Bluetooth speakers could be caught in the middle; or they could just be dropped by somebody who isn’t too careful.


Regardless of the situation, finding the right speakers can be a difficult challenge, but you’ll definitely find enough products out there to pick and choose your deals. With a little patience and research you could find the absolutely most suitable wireless speaker or set of speakers available on the market.

What Is a Psilocybin Mushroom and Why Do You Need to Get Informed About It?

mushrooms psilocybin aka penis envy

Also known as “magic” mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms are a type of hallucinogenic mushroom that can be used to induce a state of relaxation or one close to various altered states of consciousness that were known in the past to Native Americans. Because of the fact that they can induce hallucinogenic effects, magic mushrooms are pretty much banned in many places. The only exceptions are Brazil, the Netherlands, Vietnam and Jamaica.


What Is a Magic Mushroom Anyway?


The name psilocybin comes from the main substance associated with the mushrooms. Psilocybin is produced by the Psilocybe cubensis and Psilocybe semilanceata species of mushrooms which can be found to be naturally occurring in a number of locations throughout Europe, North America and Central America. Psilocybin mushrooms aka penis envy mushrooms have been used as part of ancient traditions throughout Europe and the American continent for thousands of years. Although missionaries have began the practice of discouraging their use, the mushrooms themselves are alive and well and still used by certain cultures quite freely.


As the name would suggest, magic mushrooms can induce a “magical” state of consciousness in which you can end up hallucinating and having visions. Depending on what perspective you look at the matter, these might be considered delusions of the mind or visions of spirits and otherworldly phenomena that were considered by our ancient ancestors to be part of the initiation to the shamanic path. As such, magic mushrooms have been linked to various potent healing properties as well.


Unfortunately, whether the mushrooms themselves are magic or not is pretty much irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that they can lead to dangerously preventing someone from remaining fully aware of their actions, so they are regarded as generally unsafe. Unlike cannabis, which has been regulated somewhat, and is now legal to some extent in a pretty significant number of states, psilocybin mushrooms are still illegal in most of the USA – except for Colorado, Oregon and parts of California.


Why You Need to Be Aware of This Information


The term “magic mushrooms” is commonly used in many places to describe the unique hallucinogenic mushrooms that we have just depicted. However, not many people know exactly what they are, what their history says and whether or not they are legal.


Getting informed is a very important prerequisite if you plan to start using these mushrooms, or even if you just want to buy them for a friend. You might live in Oregon, where they are legal, only to find out that you’d get into serious trouble if you try to ship or take some mushrooms to a friend in Nevada or in parts of California where it’s still illegal.


Learning about magic mushrooms is also important because of their historical heritage and their use as medicinal mushrooms. That’s right, our ancestors weren’t in it simply for the high, but they have discovered many of the medicinal secrets of these remarkable ‘shrooms, and nowadays modern science is beginning to catch up fast. Some experts believe that, as more scientific studies will be done to show the healing potential of psilocybin mushrooms, more and more states will be open to permitting them to be used at least for medical purposes, if not for recreational use as well.

How Do You Go About Interviewing a Professional Business Broker?

business brokers

The importance of finding a good business broker often transcends other priorities in trying to sell or buy a business. In many instances, the expertise and dependability of the business broker you hire to help you with your M&A requirements will be decisive when it comes to the pursuit of finding a good candidate to buy from or sell to, as well as to the aim of getting more of a profit or a leverage following the transaction.

As a result of all this, interviewing a business broker can be one of the main actions you should consider when you want to sell your business, as well as purchase or merge with another business.

Understanding the Position of Your Business Broker

When you consider business brokers or an M&A advisory company to help you out, you have to keep in mind that they don’t actually have the ability or function to manage the business merger or transaction for you. Instead, their role is more that of a mediator who brings the two parties together, helps to negotiate the best price and terms, and gives advice for smoothing things over, preparing paperwork and ultimately closing a favorable deal.

While all these issues can be managed by an M&A advisor, many can not:

  • Firstly, they can’t make your decisions for you, they can only provide advice, support and knowledge to help you make your choices yourself.
  • M&A advisors and business brokers are not legal advisors, and they cannot act as a valid substitute for proper legal counsel from an attorney.
  • They typically do not handle any kind of underwriting activity.
  • There is a very real difference between what M&A advisors and business brokers can help you with, as the latter are more specialized in mediating smaller transactions.

Important Questions You Have to Ask

Keeping all that in mind, there are some important questions that you have to ask whenever you consider the option of hiring a business broker. Many of these have to do with their ability and expertise, but it’s also important to talk about credentials and references.

In fact, the first question you should ask – at least, according to most experts in the field – is, “what are your qualifications and credentials?” You should look for a CBI (Certified Business Intermediary) designation and credentials from the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) that show the advisor has completed their relevant education and is qualified to help mediate your business merger or purchase.

Next, it’s important to look to see just how interested and motivated the broker is to help you with your transaction. Will they help you negotiate properly? What is their approach to finding, researching and talking to the prospective companies that you should be doing business with?

Finally, make sure you inquire about the details of their process. Not all business brokers handle matters in the same ways, and some might be less conventional than others. Do some research on how the negotiations and advisory work is normally conducted by most business brokers, and then make your own decision on whether or not the process that your broker provides is up to par with your specific requirements.

What is an LED Corn Light?

LED bulbs are the most efficient and durable lighting sources on the market at the time. Although they are slightly more expensive than other types of light bulbs, their price has dropped considerably. These bulbs use up to 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs, but produce the same amount of light. Most LED bulbs should last at least 15,000 hours, but most have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, when used on average 3 hours a day.

LED lighting manufacturer - corn light

An LED corn light is an assembly of lots of LEDs placed on a metal heat-dissipation structure. Like other LED lighting options, it successfully replaces even the most efficient economic bulbs.

The difference between LED bulbs and LED corn light bulbs is the unique design of the latter (they have the shape of a corn cob, and the LEDs resemble corn kernels). They have the advantage of providing 360 degree lighting and having an ergonomic design. They are resistant to shocks, vibrations, low temperatures and do not release heat in the atmosphere. A LED corn light bulb has no ultraviolet and infrared emissions and does not contain substances that can affect the environment.

LED corn light bulbs area easy to use – just like screwing in regular light bulbs. Most fixtures have screw-in sockets that accept LED corn light bulbs.

Other features:

  • easily adjustable
  • reduction of electricity costs by 80-90%
  • significantly reduced maintenance costs
  • resistance to vibrations and mechanical shocks (LED corn light bulbs do not break even if they are dropped)
  • trouble-free operation at extreme temperatures (both very low or very high)
  • solid electronic circuits
  • TVS internal protection
  • balanced light, without fluctuations (in case of voltage variations)
  • reduced eye strain and headaches
  • increased efficiency of the lumens
  • environmentally friendly
  • no UV or IR radiation
  • Substantial reductions in CO2 emissions
  • 100% recyclable
  • excellent return on investment
  • very long guaranteed lifespan

Different uses of LED corn light bulbs

  • Street lighting
  • Road lighting
  • Lanterns
  • Lighting globes
  • Industrial workshop lamps
  • Metal halls, warehouses
  • Applications requiring high power lighting

LED corn light bulbs should not be chosen by their power, as the lighting efficiency differs from one LED lighting manufacturer to another, so two bulbs with the same power can emit a different light intensity. That is why we recommend that you consider the luminous flux, instead of the power. The brightness of the bulb or the amount of light it emits is determined by the luminous flux, which is measured in lumens (lm).

Warm light vs. Cold light

While the incandescent or halogen bulb emits a warm white light, modern light bulbs have the property of providing various color temperatures. Just like regular LED bulbs, LED corn light bulbs can emit from warm white light to cold white light, on a scale from 2700 K (warm white) to 6500 K (cold white). The color temperature is what makes the light look warm or cold. A low temperature produces a warmer and more relaxing light, while a higher temperature emits a colder and more energizing light, suitable for work and concentration.

How to Find Medical Supplies at a Good Price

When we think of medical supplies, we visualize all those objects used by doctors in clinics and hospitals or recommended for patients: from surgical nets, to orthosis, orthopedic footwear, wheelchairs, walking devices, portable oxygen concentrators and many more. But it is not just about objects and devices, but also about consumables, which are essential for some items to perform their basic functions or must be used within a short time (e.g. cotton wool). Accessories also add to the functions of medical supplies, even if they are not always essential.  And there are also spare parts, required to maintain the basic function of a medical item.

Medical supplies have a great impact on the quality of patient care; this is why they account for a very high proportion of health care costs. Health services but also people in general must make informed choices about what supplies to buy in order to meet priority needs. This way, wasting limited resources will be avoided.

Like we said before, there is a wide range of medical supplies, which will make the selection quite challenging, so you will likely need a checklist. You should be able to find quality supplies at a good price, if you take your time to do some prospective research. Always take into account factors like safety, performance, design, materials and packaging, and buy from authorized sellers, who correctly manage their medical supplies, provide effective storage and stock control.

High quality supplies are always expected to last longer and help users get better results. However it is good to remember that it is not necessary to purchase the most expensive medical supplies you can get, because this is not always cost-effective. Just find the right balance between price and quality, and calculate or estimate correctly your needs.

medical supply stores Denver

Identifying suppliers

If you are on a budget, you will need to look for the best medical supply stores Denver has that are able to provide you affordable medical supplies that are still of good quality. The good thing is that you can shop locally or internationally, considering that online transactions are now easy. When you select a supplier, take into account prices and product quality, but also warranties, delivery time, transportation costs, reputation and reliability.

You can get your medical supplies from retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, medical stores, as well as from non-profit supply organizations, as long as they are authorized to sell them.  Get quotations before making orders, and compare the offers of different suppliers.

Affordable medical supplies that have a warranty may still have a red flag; make sure you also check the manufacturer`s liability for maintenance and repairs. Having an authorised representative in your country is definitely an advantage, because sending medical supplies back to the manufacturer can be very costly and time-ineffective.

When you find a reliable supplier, keep monitoring their activity and performance, just to be sure that they are constant in providing quality medical supplies and maintain a good relationship with their clients. If you become a regular client, you may also get different types of discounts.

Why Dry Powder Products Are Better For Pet Stain Removal

Use Dog And Cat Diapers To Keep Carpet Clean

Dogs, like other animals, use their urine to communicate, to mark the territory in which they live. As much as you love your dog, so much the smell of his urine can get you out of your mind. It has an unmistakable smell, strong and very difficult to remove. Some dog owners use all kinds of improvisations to clean the urine stains and eliminate its odor (e.g. vinegar or common chemicals) that do not solve the problem and sometimes even damage the surfaces on which they are applied. Besides, the smell of dog urine will never be removed completely by these products.

If your dog urinated in the house, you should stop using cleaning solutions you have around the house. Choose instead specifically formulated dry powder products for permanent removal of urine.

Regular cleaning solutions will only dilute and spread the dog urine, regardless the way they are applied (spray, steam cleaning etc.). You will never be able to blot all the wet urine mess, even if, when the area dries, it will look clean and even smell nicely, if you used a scented detergent. However, as soon as the area is exposed to humidity again, the bad smell will return, stronger than ever, because urine compounds are still there, deep in the pores of the textile material or surface the dog urinated on.

And the fact that the smell of dog urine can put you in embarrassing situations if you have guests is not even the worst scenario! Breathing in dog urine fumes means breathing in a significant amount of ammonia, which is a lung irritant and it may cause severe symptoms in people suffering from asthma or allergies: nausea, headaches and burning eyes, nose, or throat. The contact with dog urine must also be avoided, as it contains pathogens that could cause health problems, especially in people with a weak immune system. Even if serious health issues resulting from direct contact with dog urine are rare, precautions must be taken.

To avoid all the problems mentioned above, as well as to clean a urine stain completely, you should use dry powder products. They are better than other products for pet stain removal because they contain enzymes that break up the stain and feed on it until nothing is left. They are particularly great for fresh urine stains because you will not have to worry about bloating the area as best as you can and avoid contact with the urine stain at the same time. All you have to do is spread dry powder on the stain, allow it to react and absorb the liquid and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the solid residue.

Dry powder products can be also used on dry stains even for cat urine; as you well know that cat diapers can do the trick, but they don’t always work well. You will have to mix them with warm water, according to the manufacturer`s indications and then use a spray bottle to mist the area (you do not have to saturate it!). Allow it to react and, in the end, make sure you dry the area completely to prevent the apparition of mold or rot.


What are the Best Wildflowers to Grow in the High Plains?

There are people who consider gardens with wildflowers to be chaotic and unsightly, but due to their natural appearance, they can actually be very special. Wild flowers – often ignored and called “weeds” – can be of amazing beauty and do not require much attention, growing very well in areas where other flowers would suffer.

However, a wild garden does require some effort. You must ensure that the soil is ready for planting, that there are no weeds and the flowers do not develop chaotically and invade everything. When they are well-cared, these gardens give the owners a special satisfaction.

Read on for some tips on the best wildflowers to grow in the High Plains and how to turn your garden into a fabulous, natural space.

First, before you get started, you need to know what kind of soil you have in the garden and what flowers are suitable to grow there. For example, there are plants that behave very well on dry or sandy soil and plants that prefer a nutrient-rich black soil. Make a plan for how you want your future garden to look like. This way, when the time comes to start planting, landscaping will be easier. Besides, apart from the fact that the space will look well arranged, the whole planting process will take you much less time than if you didn’t know what to do with each type of flowers.

If you want to plant wild flowers in your garden, you have to get started early – in spring, if possible, but early summer will do too. As with any planting operation, the soil must be prepared and freed of debris.

It is also advisable to keep in mind that these wild flowers will grow quickly and require some care, so do not forget to create some access ways.

To choose the best shade wildflower mix for your garden in the High Plains, they must be adapted to the local climate. This is why specialists always recommend opting for species that grow naturally in the area where you live.

shade wildflower mix

Climate in the High Plains

High Plains comprise the southern part of the Great Plains. They cover some of the northern Texas, northeastern New Mexico, eastern Colorado, as well as western Kansas and include different ecosystems (rangelands, marshes, forests and desert). This translates into a highly diverse climate, defined by variations in temperature and precipitation (in the mountains, average temperatures are 40°F, while in southern Texas we are talking about 70°F). Average precipitation in Wyoming, Montana and western Texas is less than 15 inches per year, while in Oklahoma and eastern Texas it is more than 50 inches per year.

A few suggestions for wildflowers to grow in the High Plains

  • Partridge Pea Wildflowers Seed (Cassia fasciculata or Chamaecrista fasciculate)
  • Annual Gaillardia (Gaillardia pulchella)
  • Prairie Aster (Machaeranthera tanacetifolia)
  • Greenthread (Thelesperma filifolium)
  • Purple Prairie Clover (Petalostemon purpureum)
  • Narrow Leaf Purple Coneflower (Echinacea angustifolia)
  • Scarlet Globemallow (Sphaeralcea coccinea)
  • Prairie Coneflower (Ratibida columnifera)
  • Hoary Vervain (Verbena stricta)
  • Prairie Spiderwort (Tradescantia occidentalis)

What Is a Scheduling Software?

Whatever the type of your organization, your teams surely have schedules to work by and the larger the organization, the more complicated it is to integrate and manage such tasks. Fortunately, information technology has come up with lots of great scheduling software options, with easy-to-use, streamlined solutions to help you stay on top of all those meetings, appointments and schedules.

A scheduling software is a digital tool deployed in private and public organizations with the purpose of managing meetings and appointments with exterior clients and customers as well as with the goal of managing employee schedules. These software packages come in many different forms and types and they offer functionalities tailored to your specific needs – here are some important details that you should know before you choose your software.

Types of Scheduling Software Solutions in Terms of the Platform Used

Scheduling software tools come either in the form of desktop applications, run on the organization’s own servers or as web-based applications, provided by third parties that host the software on their own servers and provide their clients access to the tool based on subscriptions. Desktop applications are most often used by large companies internally, for managing internal scheduling and for reporting, while web-based applications offer the functionality of internal scheduling and reporting and they can also made available for external clients and customers.

Nowadays we use our mobile phones for performing tasks that we needed a desktop computer in the past and these transformations have increased the demand for scheduling applications that can run on mobile platforms. Most web-based scheduling applications today are optimized for mobile platforms as well, allowing for easy usage from any mobile device connected to the internet.

Types of Scheduling Software Solutions in Terms of the Purpose of Usage

Scheduling software solutions are available for internal and external use. Internal programs are used for workforce management, including the task of keeping track of departmental and interdepartmental meetings and scheduling and time management for shift work. The applications made available for clients and customers (usually web-based and mobile applications, but in some cases applications run on the organization’s own servers, accessible for clients based on special protocols and following verification) usually serve the purpose of making the booking process easy and comfortable for clients. This latter category of online booking software solutions can be efficiently used by any business that entertains customer relationships, such as beauty salons, healthcare providers, home repair and renovation companies or fitness centers.

online booking software

The Most Important Functions Offered by Scheduling Software Applications and Programs

Regardless of the platform that serves as basis, most scheduling software packages offer the following functionalities:

  • Continuous availability – whether desktop applications, web-based or mobile apps, these software options are available 24/7 for making and changing appointments;
  • Reminders – some systems offer the options to send notifications to the participants of an event recorded in the system, informing them about the time left until the event starts. Some systems send notifications via e-mail, others send text messages;
  • Statistics – most systems are able to generate various reports based on the schedules made through them, offering important and valuable insight about the efficiency of the scheduling process and many other aspects.


What Makes a High Quality Surgical Instrument?

Surgical instruments are medical tools designed to be used by specialists who perform different surgical tasks. There are various types of these instruments, from scalpels, scissors and forceps, to retractors, clamps and more, because surgical procedures are different and require specialized sets of instruments.

Considering the purpose of surgical instruments and the way they are being used on human and animal patients, their quality is absolutely essential and must always translate into being perfectly functional, clean and sterile.

Factors that influence the quality of surgical instruments

  • Materials the instruments are made from

There are different alloys used in the manufacture of surgical instruments – stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum or titanium. Obviously, no such instrument should be made from regular metals. These special alloys have particular properties that contribute greatly to the manufacture of quality surgical instruments.

Let`s learn a bit more about the two most popular materials used for surgical and ortho instruments: stainless steel and titanium

Stainless Steel – It is also known as inox and is pretty common. However the stainless steel used in the manufacture of surgical instruments is made of 316 steel, which is known more commonly as “surgical steel”. This metal is highly resistant to corrosion and salt, being also commonly used for body piercing jewelry and all kind of biomedical implants. Stainless steel is also temperature resistant (up to 400°C), so it can be sterilized at 180°C. In terms of strength, stainless steel is almost as strong as carbon steel, which makes it an excellent option for manufacturing surgical instruments.

Titanium – A very strong metal and resistant to the action of very corrosive substances such as chloride, nitric acid, saltwater and other chemicals, both industrial and organic. It is also lightweight and flexible (lighter and more flexible than inox!). Titanium does not change its dimensions significantly when heated or cooled, so surgical instruments made of titanium are very durable and the first choice for MRI applications and corrosive environments.

ortho instruments

  • Cleaning, sterilization and maintenance

All surgical instruments, textile materials and other objects or solutions that penetrate into the tissues or vascular system must be sterile. First, they must be cleaned by physical methods and chemically disinfected before undergoing a standardized sterilization process. The cleaning process consists in removing organic and inorganic dirt of their surface. Cleaning is followed by disinfection, using a special disinfectant and the preparation of the instrument for sterilization.

Sterilization can be done by dry heat or humid heat. Usually, in hospitals, a vapor pressure device (autoclave) is being used to sterilize not only surgical instruments, but also soft inventory, drainage tubes, probes, rubber gloves etc.

The inspection of surgical instruments is another part of the regular maintenance cycle. Structural and functional features must be checked and tested all the time to ensure the quality of the instruments. Things to look for include the proper alignment of the instrument, corrosion, cracks, dents, sharpness of the cutting edges, loose set pins, missing parts and more. These factors are generally important to look for, but each instrument functions differently and has its own testing protocol.


How Much to Spend on Drums for Sale

If you look for drums for sale, you must first decide between the three options available on the market: electronic, acoustic and hybrid.

Launched for the first time in 1976, electronic drums offer more freedom of expression, allowing you to interpret a wide variety of sounds generated by different types of drums and other instruments. They also allow for the incorporation of pre-recorded segments in interpreted tracks, the addition of processing effects such as delays or reverberations. Last but not least, they also offer you the opportunity to play in any place and at any time using the headphones. So, if you plan to practice in an apartment or in any space surrounded by noise-sensitive neighbors, an electronic drum set is exactly what you need. This option is also lightweight and takes up less space than an acoustic drum set.

In these circumstances, what does the acoustic version offers you? Besides the direct way your body feels the vibrations generated by acoustic drums beat and the higher level of sound quality, if you are a beginner you must know that an acoustic drum set is the best for learning how to play. Besides,  the best drummers in the world perform on this type of percussion instruments. Acoustic drums are also more affordable than electronic ones, but they are really difficult to use if you do not have access to a space where you can play without having to worry about generating too much noise.

Hybrid variants are a combination of the two basic models presented above and offer the best of both versions. You can buy them as a set with all the necessary components, or if you already have some years of experience in playing drums, you can add the electrical components to the acoustic version that you already work with.

drums for sale

Drums for sale – how much will you pay for them?

Although the price depends on many factors, it is safe to say that a drum set is quite expensive, so it is natural to look for sales, when you want to buy one. The internet allows you to browse through shops and offers, which is efficient to compare results and find the best deal.

Typically, you can expect to pay $200 and more when looking for drums for sale. If you purchase from an online shop situated in another corner of the country or even of the world, you should also be ready to pay a large sum of money for shipping and import fees. This sum is typically higher than the cost of the instrument itself, so you should carefully analyze your options before placing an order.

If nothing listed “for sale” satisfies your preferences, you might want to consider buying a second hand drum set. Actually, most people advise you to look for a used instrument before hurrying to buy a new, all-inclusive set. Drum kits that are set-up and go include heads, shells, hardware, sticks and other things you need, but you may soon realize that they are of poor quality both sound and construction wise. If you opt for a second hand instrument and do some searching effort, you can get a kit that sounds better, is way more resistant and also cheaper.